How to Write A Sexual Love Story

To write a successful sexual love story, you must consider the main characters’ physical characteristics. Men need to be well-hung, tough, and experienced, while women need to be soft and curvy. In addition, you need to offer your character choices that are outside the norm. Then, you must make sure your characters are believable as the two people involved in the story. It is important to remember that a love story is about two people, and you should show the attraction that the two people have.

What to Include in Your Sexual Love Story?

  • Conflict

When you are writing a sexual love story, make sure that there is some conflict in the story. The conflict may be internal to the characters or between them and can also come from other characters and the plot. The sexual tension in a love story is often heightened by conflict, and the conflict can either feed the attraction between the two people or keep them apart.

  • Foreplay

Another important part of sexual love stories is foreplay. During foreplay, the characters experience different feelings about their bodies and each other. They should share their feelings about their partner before hitting the bed, which is important to make the audience feel like they are there. As the main characters struggle with feelings of attraction, they should not give up on their desire to have sex. This is a very authentic way to portray sexual tension and a powerful storytelling technique. When the characters deny their sexual desires, they promise never to give in.

  • Sexual Relation

As with any love story, sexual tension needs to be built from the beginning. Attraction is the biological imperative of two characters. Even if your characters don’t recognize their intense desire, they should be aware of their desire and work to restore it. Often, a love story will start with them noticing things about the other.

  • Character’s Characteristics

When writing a sexual love story, it is important to remember the characters’ physical characteristics and how they react during the act. For example, the character’s attitude towards sex should be true to their character and reveal something about them. Another issue is how long a scene lasts; some scenes may only include the physical aspects of the sex.

  • Tension

Another tip for writing a sexual love story is to create tension between the characters. You can achieve this by using dialogue. You can have a scene where your romantic interest stands next to your truck while you stand outside and observe him. This can create tension and display the tension. This way, your readers will feel like they are being drawn into the story.

Last Words

Sex in fiction can vary from very subtle to very graphic. The writer can incorporate their tastes into the story, but they should ensure that it fits its tone. It’s important to remember the preferences of the audience. Not everyone will be into overt sex, so it’s best to study genre conventions and decide how far you want to push things.