Different Ideas For Creating A Sexual Fantasy Story

Creating a sexual fantasy story is a great way to explore your inner sex goddess. If you’re having trouble deciding what kind of fantasy to write, try imagining yourself as someone else. Whether you’re a nurse and patient, an office secretary and boss, or a parent and college babysitter, you can use your imagination to create a fantasy that you and your partner will enjoy. Here are a few ideas for you to get you started:

  1. Explore Your Desire Fantasy

Your sexual fantasy might involve bending gender roles, raping your partner, or changing your gender. These fantasies may be rooted in a desire to explore your sexuality or feel comfortable with your partner. You might also imagine having a sexy penis or becoming a superhero! Whatever your fantasy, it will surely make you feel better about yourself. But which fantasy would you choose? It’s up to you.

  • Previous Sexual Experience

A good way to get started is to use one of your previous enjoyable sexual experiences as a jumping-off point. Think about every detail of the experience and include the sensory elements. For example, imagine that your partner can touch and pleasure you. In addition, imagine your fantasies are as real as possible. This is a good way to get your imagination going. So, be sure to have fun. A sexual fantasy story is definitely within your reach if you’re a writer.

  • Create a Checklist

Another way to start writing your fantasies is to create a checklist of all the fantasies you’ve had. You’ll want to write down the ones that you’ve had the most frequently. Then, you can list the most common fantasies and write them down in the narrative form. If you’ve never had the opportunity to do this, it may be wise to write down your fantasies if they’re unusually common.

Creating a story around a sexual fantasy can be beneficial for both you and your partner. Studies have shown that women who regularly masturbate have higher orgasms during solo sex, making them more likely to take the same amount of sexual energy to partner sex. You can also use an erotic short story to discuss your sexual interests with your partner. While discussing your fantasies with a partner is not the norm, you must discuss them safely. If you’re not confident enough to create your own sexual fantasy story, you can also play a game to test your imagination. Two people sit together and write down 20 seconds of a sexual fantasy story. The winner goes first and describes their fantasy, while the losing partner goes on to describe their own. Then, they switch roles and repeat the process. If you want to test your partner’s imagination, choose a role from the movies or books you’ve read together.

Last Words

Although the types of fantasies people have differences, they are usually based on childhood experiences or social norms. Some fantasies are as simple as a romantic evening with your partner, while others are more extreme. Some fantasies may involve reenacting events or relationships that formed your gender. The importance of family and relationships is also reflected in the content of these fantasies. If abusive parents raised you, you might have a sexual fantasy that involves ceding authority in the bedroom.